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The customers of the Concept 2 rower for sale have demonstrated with their high ratings it is itself a comprehensive package for the rowing demands.

What’s my next best choice?

I was planning to obtain a Concept 2 Model D rowing machine to keep my cardio up throughout the coronavirus shutdown, however today they’re out of inventory. What are some choices I need to consider for maintaining up my cardio and burning calories?

Keep taking a look at craigslist, FB marketplace, Rogue, etc. Contact local health clubs and see whether they have one for rent or sale. A water rower gets great marks but is pricey, and I would rather hold off for a Concept 2. 

It is durability and reliability are mythical. Most home cardio equipment is shaky and will not continue with routine usage. The exceptions would be that the rogue echo bicycle, concept 2 bicycle erg, and ski erg. Pretty much everything else can provide you problems.

The C2 requires hardly any maintenance and all components are easily replaced if necessary. The only part which should necessitate changing is that the shock cord bungee that will last about 10 years with frequent use. Easily swapped along with a couple of quid from the Concept2 website. I bought my Concept 2 Model D in January. I’ve been loyal about using it, and am quite happy with this Rowing Machine. The one thing I’d say is there needs to be a simpler and quicker way to secure your feet onto the machine. For the grade of the machine, I had been amazed that in which your foot evolves, it’s not made of stronger material.

The only minor problem is that rowing is a specialized motion and demands some viewing of this motion and exercise. Dark Horse Rowing on youtube is advocated viewing to guarantee you have the stroke directly. If you’re willing to place just a bit of effort in finding the ideal method then this machine will benefit you with engaging workouts. This item is well maintained, tested, and recommended by several pro-rowers (and fans ). The machine comes provided with all the tools for meeting and requires ~15mins out of unpacking. Two size D batteries are installed in the PM5 and are prepared to head from the box.

If you can not find this on Amazon in the real retail price – please visit Concept 2 Canada website and add yourself to the waiting list (for the merchandise in the right un-inflated retail price)

Where do you buy a Concept2 rowing machine at this time?

Amazon gets inventory occasionally so that you should check there frequently — Click here to check Amazon currently. Stock can vanish within hours however so that you want to be fast! You can find 3rd party vendors with inventory on Amazon but they’re all selling for nicely over the RRP.

Additionally, check our additional recommended merchant — Rogue Fitness. When they don’t now have inventory, be sure to sign up for their notification list.

If Concept2 goods continue to be marked as”out of stock” in the above 2 merchants that the best thing to do would be to join the waitlist on the official site at which you are going to be kept informed of accessibility.


Whether or not you would like to invest in a Concept 2 model E or D Amazon is a fantastic place to buy a rowing machine. You can not go wrong using their FREE shipping and quick shipping. Click the link below to go to Amazon and check the shipping date to your region. Be certain that you read some testimonials there to determine when this really is the item for you.


Rogue Fitness is a US producer and retailer of power and conditioning gear, mainly for Crossfit. But they’re also an official stockist of the Concept 2 rower and disperse to professional sports clubs, collegiate, army, and of course to private buyers for home gyms. They also offer you a superb shipping service with tracking from the time your product is sent until it’s delivered. Orders placed by 3 pm are usually sent on precisely the exact same day but because of coronavirus, there’s presently a 5-7 day shipping delay.

Where do I find a used Concept 2 Rower for sale?

Brand-new Concept 2 rowers are fairly costly, so some people today would rather go for a used model. It is probable you will not save over a couple of hundred dollars though since they do often hold their value well. A typical 2nd hand model D in good shape will still cost approximately $600-$800 and value-wise, occasionally it might be better simply to save and pay the excess for a brand new one. The two following websites are the best places to search for a used Concept 2 rower for sale — take a look and see if you find something appropriate:

Find New Concept2 Rowing Machine for Sale

  • Concept2 Model D Indoor Commercial Rower Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor
  • Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine PM5 Monitor Black Rower New
  • Concept 2 Model D Rower – PM5 Gray or Black

for sale

concept 2 rower model d for salefor sale

concept 2 rower model d for sale

This rower is my favorite. Although I had originally intended to buy one cheaper, I’m glad that I paid the extra money for this piece of equipment. It’s very sturdy, and I know it will last a long time if taken care of properly. A woven nylon strap is attached to most cheaper rowers. Many people have complained that the three-inch nylon strap gets worn out over time. This was despite my extensive research. The Concept 2 comes with a strong, sturdy, and sand-colored chain attached to it. Although it is not silent, the fan makes a soothing sound that I think sounds like a raindrop. It’s definitely worth the money. Although it may not have the same features as the top end rowers, the best thing about this subscription is that they won’t try to upsell you on a monthly plan. YouTube has some great videos. Highly recommended! Some people complained about the noise. This machine is very quiet, and it can be heard clearly. It is wonderful. The Amazon assembly worker didn’t know what he was doing. Make sure you follow the instructions for the model that you purchase. (D) The front piece must be parallel to the ground when you attach it (last step). The pieces won’t connect if they aren’t parallel to the floor.

Concept 2 Rower Highlights

This machine’s greatest asset is its durability. It’s used every day by professionals, so you can be sure it will withstand any type of workout. Although it’s ideal for heavier users, the seat is quite narrow. It’s an air resistance rower so it can be quite loud. However, if this is not a problem for you, the Concept 2 will be a great addition in any home fitness.

Who should buy the Concept 2?

  • Users who are larger than average need a machine that can lift up to 500 pounds.
  • Trainers who are consistent and require a machine that can withstand a lot of daily use.
  • Athletes who aren’t interested in being distracted by technological frills.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Concept 2?

  • Users who do not want to use a loud machine to do at home workouts.
  • This seat is for rowers who require a wider seat.
  • Whoever doesn’t like the sound and floppiness that comes with a chain belt.


The Concept 2 is priced at $900, which is slightly more than the average. This machine is a reliable piece of equipment that’s loved by amateur and professional athletes. However, it doesn’t come with any advanced technology.


This commercial-grade rower features aluminum front legs and rear legs, as well as steel. The aluminum monorail and stainless-steel track of this rower are designed to withstand daily use. It is durable and will provide all the necessary stat-tracking and exercise options to improve your strength endurance. However, there won’t be any high-tech add-ons.

These Concept2 Deals Won’t Last Long. Get Them While You Can! Exclusive prices for our members only. The Concept 2 Rower Model D is the planet’s best-selling indoor rowing machine. It has especially gained popularity over the Crossfit community, in which it has emerged as the cardio machine of choice. It is fantastic for rowing team coaching also because components can be connected together. The Model D utilizes air resistance to satisfy all fitness levels and may be used with a slip to simulate water coaching. This item is constructed to last a lifetime and can be priced under $1000 when it is on sale you can get around $945.


  • Marcos Oliveira

    Definitely the best value quality workout machine on the market nowadays.

    The Concept 2 with PM5 is a fantastic bit of kit. The PM5 links through bluetooth to my phone so all rowing sessions are verified and recorded mechanically. The rower itself will easily outlive me and in case you need to stow it out after usage it requires less than twenty five minutes to move it out in usage place to stowed. I have used them for years, off and on without ever possessed one, but I took the plunge and that really is a great piece of gear for your cash that’s almost maintenance free besides regular light oiling of this series. Just remember to not have the grip in the beginning place when not in use as which can extend the elastic parts of the pull mechanism.

    Rowing machines look somewhat the same, and regrettably reviews could be confusing and perplexing, I did study in many sources along with the concept 2 appeared to find out the best, and just my luck, among the costlier versions, being a believer that you get what you pay for, I bit the bullet and set it in the basket.

    When it arrived off the van at a battered ripped box, my heart sank, but on launching all seemed fine, the rower had been cacooned in polystyrene, normally I hate the things, but this time I figure.

    Placing together was a doddle, and right away I could tell that the machine was hardy and probably to last.
    The screen is beyond anything that I will probably need or use ( my era gives away why ) unless among our kids calls and sets it up for me, so much I use the only row feature, this is nice while I build my endurance in a couple of stunned muscle bands.

    Like most of exercise, really do this, and work when doing this! And I am certain that the notion 2 will do exactly what I need it to perform.

    Whether a less costly model will probably be equally as great, I won’t ever know today I made my choice, and am happy I have a good unit.

    I decided to purchase from Amazon after I searched for concept 2 rower for sale online instead that guide just due to the superb customer support I’ve received in the past when things have gone wrong.

  • Korneli Ostrowski

    How challenging was setup? Can it be worth paying $80 To get a pro set up or can it be simple enough to put myself up?

    • admin

      Setup Is Quite do-able in your own, However, I used this Informative article which Comprised video walkthrough, Hints and Incremental Directions

      In my view, most people will not need assistance, it should not take you longer than 10-20min, but may take longer if you are not utilized to putting things together, etc.. The article I said also had a good deal of helpful information on whether to receive a mat or not and which ones work best w/ the Concept2 rower (its length makes it a little too long for a number of the popular workout mats) because that was something that I was not certain I wanted to possess beneath the rower or not until putting it together. Frankly, rather than paying for an expert to set up, I’d do it as it is nothing like attempting to put in a treadmill. There are a couple of areas of the setup that may be confusing if you are only trying to utilize the included directions, however, you can check the walkthrough from the guide and you will definitely have the ability to tell whether it seems like something you might do by yourself or not. Hope this helps!

    • admin

      Whether you previously row or are thinking about incorporating rowing to your general physical activity plan, wish to drop weight, cross-train for a different game, compete on the sport, or prevent injury or operation, rowing is an entire exercise. Rowing machine advantages include strengthening and conditioning many important muscle groups at the upper and lower body and rowing is virtually impact.

      When using any sort of exercise gear, the appropriate technique is obviously important so enlist the assistance of the exercise physiologist or physical fitness instructor that will assist you to get started and achieve results without risking harm. Learn the lingo. Learn about the grab, the driveway, the end and also what each means. Indoor rowing machines give an ideal method to get fit and stay healthy when changing your routine in precisely the exact same moment. Yes, some people simply love to run or walk on a treadmill, but it is time to incorporate other activities to your own exercise regime to achieve maximum gains and complete the circle of wellbeing.

    • admin

      The Model D rowers supporting legs have black rubber feet as standard. Personally, I feel a mat is needed to secure your carpets or flooring against dripping perspiration during quite intensive rowing. There are not any vibrations in the rowing machine if it’s working correctly.

      Normally you don’t need a mat beneath your indoor rower. A mat may remove slippage if this difficulty occurs during intense intensive rowing.

  • Grojan

    This can be an awesome and easy machine machine. High quality and I expect it to be quite durable based on the abuse that this machine takes at the health clubs. I purchased this for home use during these times I am too busy to get into the gym and as a supplement to health club time. Setup was really easy and the directions were actually quite clear that isn’t always the case with a great deal of gear. The seat can be a little hard/uncomfortable after usage more than half an hour in one sitting but overall reasonably tolerable for 20 minute sessions.

    I have been using this particular rower daily for about a month and it is the best thing that I could have done for my overall fitnesscenter. I am 65 and Am discovering the very low impact and ease of use will be precisely what Is required to operate with muscle and cardio in one session. My body is changing because of the tone of the muscles Pilates encourages.

    This machine has turned out to meet its reputation of being the finest available on the market. After months of attempting to find one used, it is clear they were so expensive – they maintain their value and durability even after countless meters. I am so grateful to have this rower at home today and have discovered a hidden jewel in the internet C2 community – global comparisons and rankings, log book, an app, Fitbit syncing. It is a testament to C2 and also to rogue for endorsing such an unbelievable brand and product.

  • Franco

    Never Thought I would put an order and have it hit me that the very next day, I am confident the fact I only live a few hrs from Rogues Warehouse created a huge difference. Concept 2 came and as everybody else said the simplicity of the setup, under 15min and that’s taking your own time. I utilize Concept 2 in my crossfit box and understand exactly how well they consume and needed to have you for my home gym. It’s so pleasant to catch a work out at 10pm or even 5am rather than possess the drive into the box. I go to the box but today have the best of both worlds.

    It has been about 5 months since I purchased that the Model D PM5 rower. I utilize it 4x per week for approximately 20min every time and I have already lost 15lbs and detected any definition in my arms and legs where there was not much before. It is really refreshing to sit down, strap in, and begin rowing without needing to go through all of the menu choices to begin. Its easy, required less than 10 minutes to install (using INCLUDED instrument ) and has demonstrated itself to be lasting and resilient. I am glad I spent the excess money for this particular machine cause it will be around for quite a while.

    Got tired of waiting for my turn on the ergs in the gym and really got tired of this fitness center. Installation a home gym many years back. For the last few years I have actually missed rowing. Finally pulled the trigger and then buy the Concept 2 Model D about a month ago. Same rower you find in the majority of fitness center’s. Rower was sent in three times. Box looked like it had a rough ride but gear was fantastic. I believe that it required longer time to get it from the box than it required to gather. Comes in 2 pieces. Lock them together and prepare to row. The performance track 5 which came with all the rower provides plenty of information and motivation. You are able to connect the PM5 for your phone via WiFi and receive even more info on your own workouts and progress. Finest erg ever!!

    1 thing that I wish they’d had been a clipless pedal attachment rather than a toe strap so that you could only kick out your heels to discharge yourself from the machine. This might not be a problem for people who are already trimming, but for us tubbies, its something that I think about every time that I get off the item after a long work out and Im tired.

  • Barios

    I typically don’t write reviews unless it is something really great or really awful. With this one? It is damn good I must write a review of it. This rower is really easy to establish and it is sound!!! Very well built for the cost. I see why others giving it quite good evaluations, for me personally, it is worth that five celebrities. I don’t have any gym gear, but this really is the best choice I ever made concerning it. I am able to use it everywhere in your home without wasting time visiting the gym. It is suitable to have professional-grade gear in the home which occupies so little space. Because I got it like a month before, I was using it four days per week and I really feel that I am losing weight without worrying about it. Here is the only device which keeps me up with my own motivation.

    We have experienced our Concept 2 rower for slightly over a month and could not be more happy with our purchase. My spouse and I have extensive experience with Concept products and created this buy as part of the brand new cellar gym. The full-body endurance advantages of those machines can not be overstated and will be the ideal tool for implementing WODs in the home. Though the investment is exorbitant, the advantages far outweigh the costs.

  • Jessie

    Concept2 has always assembled the very best rower in the marketplace as the 1980’s. The Model D is not any different. If you’re an experienced rower, you do not have to get sold since you likely use one . This is acceptable for a start rower in addition to elite world-class athletes.

    If you’re a newcomer to the planet of ergs, and you’re debating buying this due to the price tag, make the dip. The Model D provides a precise loading simulation of being on the water (assuming you place the fan vents properly!) And provides you with a fantastic workout. And it’s insanely lasting — my preceding Model D has almost 2M meters onto it and it works just like brand new, and I have seen boathouse ergs with years of continuous use which still operate perfectly.

    Concerning meeting, it took me about 15 mins to put this together. There’s a quick disconnect to divide the erg to two bits for storage. Requires just a minute or 2 to reassemble it.

    At length, Concept2 is famed for standing behind their products (ergs and oars). Read a few of these horror stories with both support and durability for additional workout machines, and you’ll appreciate how significant this really is.

  • Charles

    I row for game and because the Covid-19 outbreak, I had a way to keep my endurance up. This erg was simple to build, (I despise building anything!) And fits well in our garage. There are a whole lot of different choices with rowing so that you never get tired with having to perform the identical workout. You are able to set up periods, time/distance and sprints on the electronic monitor and you might also only row. The track will compute your normal speed, distance, rate and will let you compare preceding workouts to determine progress. This is a complete body exercise! I’d suggest to anybody!

    This is a ideal temporary replacement for the sons team season and my fitness center closing throughout the pandemicnonetheless, the entire family has used it and we’ve advocated this exact same version to other people. Great general buy! We happened to find both proposed add ons from amazon, the big non slip map along with iPhone holder, and we adore those things also.

    I can’t day enough great things about this rowing machine. If your searching for the very best quality that is it. I analyzed many rowers before settling on this one and I have to say I’m quite happy with my choice.

    Effortless to use, well designed product, simple assembly and light enough to maneuver if desired on your own! Stipulates a fantastic full body work out, no pressure in my knees, good cardio and operates the muscles through your entire body!

  • Timur

    Buying Concept2 rower is like buying A Rolls Royce

    I rowed for some while in school, and I must mention, it was “in form” I’ve ever been in my entire life. To be honest, I had been 19-22yrs older, so getting in shape has been a good deal simpler to do and keep back then. However, I digress…. Considering that the pandemic set us in lockdown, I have been doing my very best to keep fit with my at-home gear, but without access to a complete fitness center, this can be an inherently restricted undertaking. So, I chose to invest in a rowing machine. Did lots of research and shopping around, spending a great deal of time taking a look at the water-rowers as they’re such fine looking pieces of equipment. On the other hand, the possibility of upkeep and needing to fill/empty the water container did not seem especially conducive to my 2nd floor work out area. After much deliberation, I chose to shed the excess coin over the concept 2 rower. This rower is the golden standard of rowing machines. And frankly, nothing compares. It’s the rowing machine which we trained in college and it is the rowing machine which ALL competitive rowing programs instruct on. When you get onto it, it is possible to see why. This system is rock solid. Smooth seat slide. True crew rowing reach and range of movement. Fantastic pull and recoil of this series. Along with the immunity amounts have something for any level rower. And I promise, after 5 minutes on this system, you will realize why all the *severe * rowers train onto it. It is unquestionably a full-body workout. You will be huffing using a racing heart after these first few workouts here. It is not the quietest rower on the current market, but it is by no means loud. Noise is more on par with a loud lover – that is essentially what it is. Be certain you see the videos on proper form for the concept two – it is essential. Yes, you may invest a couple more bucks with this rower, but I promise you that in the event that you compare this to some other rower in the current market, you will realize why you are paying more for this particular one. It is a superb investment in your wellbeing, and in the event that you ever opt to sell it, then you will see that they maintain their value. You will seldom find one for re-sale for under 800. Cease your study of the other rowers. If you would like to be serious about acquiring in excellent shape, and you also wish to do this on a machine which can out-live you, put money into a concept two.

  • Draxler

    I have done lots of research before purchasing this rower. I normally opt for treadmills but wanted something more complete body and this is ideal! It does not burn off as many calories however I work up a sweat and it’s been a fantastic addition to my gym. I particularly like how easy it was to build and it had been light weight enough to take upstairs to my gym. It does not make very much sound IMO however my daughter gripes if my spouse use it too early in the evenings. The quantity of sound it makes is compared to working on a treadmill, so I will take it!

  • Goman

    What could I say that others have not already its a fantastic machine which will last you a life with hardly any maintenance involved. Its compact if taken aside and light weight so that you can move it around easily. Overall probably the best rowing machine out there with a lot of support and videos from the rowing machine so you’ll always find work videos and forums to find out from. Put together in moments and directions were simple to follow. Employed it and love it! It is the best rower on the market. I really like it for heating up and cardio as it is easy on the joints. Nothing more to say. It is fantastic! I purchased the Concept 2 Model D about five decades back. It is an excellent machine however there are a few difficulties. It’s quite loud and I really don’t like the way the first half of this stroke there’s absolutely no resistance. I only sold it for the exact same price I paid and purchased a Waterrower that is a considerably smoother movement, sounds far better, and contains resistance through the stroke out.

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