Can You Get Rid of Belly Fat Using a Rower?

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Using a rower is similar to gliding smoothly over a river in a quick-moving boat and drawing the oar easily through the water surface while pulling together with your team. The rower gives you a chance to enjoy an excellent full-body training session with almost equal body mechanics but without the need to live somewhere close to a river or gather the whole team to practice rowing.

How Long Should I Practice?

So now you have a rower and a good plan. You are prepared for conquering the sea with the view to getting rid of belly fat and making your heart healthier. As a rule of thumb, the more you practice, the quicker you’ll get the results. However, your body requires a bit of time to adapt to this new practice so do not overexert yourself while training. Let it be only 10-15 minutes of practice. Then start increasing the length of your workout or the number of sessions as you advance. Your first goal should be to meet the advice on physical activity given by most Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This will translate into 150 minutes of not very harsh exercise a week or 75 minutes of very intense exercise. However, to lose extra kilograms, you’ll definitely need to practice more. This means that as soon as you achieve the required level, set your next goal and move ahead.  

Your next goal would be doubling the given amount so that you’ll get around 300 minutes of not very intense exercises a week or 150 minutes of very intense workouts. Any of such workouts can be rowing but you can also include some other types of training not to lose your enthusiasm and not to develop imbalance when training your muscles. As soon as you see the desired results, you’ll realize how long you need to practice rowing or other exercises to lose your belly fat. The precise amount may vary from person to person.

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