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Model E vs. Model D

The Concept 2 has gained world reputation and appreciation for production of the leading rowers on the whole market. While there is an infinite number of positive reviews, praising effective training options, high quality and undeniable professionalism of the customer service, we want to take a closer look at the details.

This review is about in-depth benefits of the Concept 2 rowing machine. Additionally, we will make an interesting comparison of their most popular items – Model E and Model D. Comparing these rowers is rather complicated, as they are similar in the vast majority of features. When customers look at them, they frequently think: “Wow, these two look quite the same. Why then Model E is classified as an upgrade of Model D?” That is a good question, and we will try to answer it further in the article.

The first and the most important difference is the cost. The Model E is about 20% as expensive as Model D. Thus, you need to ask yourself several questions before you compare Concept 2 Model D or E and purchase any of them:

  1. Should I spend extra money because of some extra features available with Concept 2 Model E?
  2. Is Concept 2 Model D equipped with all the features I need?

In general, it will be a complicated decision, but we will try to explain and single out all the similarities and differences also providing some subjective recommendations.

Concept 2 Model D

The Concept 2 Model D is appreciated and known as a commercial grade air-resistance rower made by Concept 2, one of the most respected and trustworthy brands in the industry of rowing machines. The piece of equipment is usually used in commercial gyms or boat houses and suits people of different fitness levels, starting from beginner and up to a professional. Beginner athletes, children, and even Olympians use the Model D.

Besides, it is perfect for home use since it is characterized by certain storage features, which practically cut the working footprints in more than half. Additionally, it has attached wheels, which contribute to the ease of moving. The motion of the rower mimics outdoor rowing on water and is ultimately smooth. However, you should not confuse smooth and easy.

The training can be easy or difficult, as the resistance automatically adjusts to the intensity of rowing. Additionally, the rowing machine is equipped with the feature, which allows you to adjust the amount of the air going into the flywheel housing so that you could adjust the feel of the rowing stroke.

Featuring a high-quality performance monitor, which not only tracks different fitness data but tracks the heart rate, provides you with an opportunity to play games, upload fitness information and teaches how to row with the maximally beneficial form. Users of all sizes and shapes can use the rower without any fears, as it is backed by a warranty.

Concept 2 Model E

Right, now there’s a quick review of the Concept 2 Model E. Actually, it is exactly the same if you have a look at Model D. Look at the pictures and compare – they even look the same. Of course, one of them is black, while the other one is grey, but both colors are available with Model D and E.

Apart from several differences, the rowers are almost the same. The key differences include:

  • Monitor arm;
  • Seat height;
  • Chain housing.

Below, you can read the detailed description of all the differences. There are several differences between Model D and E, so we will have closer look at them:

  1. The seat height of the Model E is similar to the basic chair, while it rests 6.0” higher compared to Model D. This is perfect for people with balance issues, people on crutches, in a wheelchair or elderly users;
  2. The weight of the rowers also differs but in insignificant pounds. The chain housing and the chain itself on the Model E are higher-quality and require less maintenance. Great upgrade, but quite insignificant;
  3. The Model E and D are equipped with a standard PM5 monitor. Additionally, they come in black and light grey colors;
  4. The Model E monitor arm is fixed and considerably longer. The user can adjust the viewing angle of the monitor in both models, but Model D has a shorter arm. It will be easier to see the information on the monitor of the Model E as it is placed closer to the users, but it does not fold back, which is inconvenient for storage. The display is quite big on both machines, so any differences related to it are insignificant. However, the ability of the Model D monitor to fold back is a considerable advantage. Check it in the video below;
  5. The Model E finish is better, providing extra durability to the rower. However, the Model D is still lasting and durable and is frequently used in commercial gyms around the world;
  6. The legs on both rowers do a perfect job keeping the unit stable during use. The main reason why legs of the Model E were re-designed was to guarantee additional support necessary for the user due to the higher sitting position compared to the Model D.

Concept 2 Model D or E: Recommendations

While we have mentioned quite many differences between the two models of rowing machines, none of them actually changes their functionality. Both rowers will provide exactly the same workout. The most crucial differences are the monitor arm, seat height, and price.

To my mind, the Model D monitor arm is still better, as it is more convenient for storage. Besides, the cost of the Model D is lower than is an undeniable benefit. Thus, you need to understand whether sitting high is so important to you. Of course, in case you require a taller seat, the Model D is not your choice. That’s the reason I usually recommend the Model D by Concept 2.

I am sure it is safe to claim that the Concept 2 is appreciated and one of the most respected rowing companies in the world. The two finest rowers are probably the most beneficial and effective in the whole world. Actually, you cannot go wrong with any of them. No matter what machine you choose, you are guaranteed to get one of the best rowers ever.

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