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Review by Clinton Malone

It is a complete body workout, easy to get to grips & so pleasant to have it accessible daily without visiting the fitness center or hitting the street in the rain & wind. I handle 6k in the evenings when I am not traveling and can definitely feel the difference. An wonderful bit of kit. The rower is one of my favorite exercises. I wanted one in the home but did not want to settle for next best so I stored a little longer and couldn’t be happier. Simple to install and the screen is simple to use and comprehend. What could have been good is if they provided a heartbeat monitor with it, considering that the cost would have been reasonable. I bought the Coospo screen that’s compatible, moderately priced and does exactly the job equally as well as ones twice or triple the cost. If I needed to have only 1 gym equipment at home for a complete body workout, this rower is it!! Possessing this hardy and higher-excellent unit readily available in my house to work with us and when I feel like using it’s a game-changer. So much time and faff stored going to/from the fitness center. Sounds great, works efficiently and is high quality; it seems as though it is going to last for quite a very long moment. The education manual was clear and succinct, simple to put together lonely. Thoroughly suggested.

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