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To discover the number of calories you can burn per hour in the process of a rowing workout, Concept2 displays are added with a formula that calculates this number for a person whose weight is around 175 pound/79.5 kilos. You may use this calculator option to get approximate numbers for your particular weight together with the overall number of calories lost throughout your training session.

To use this option, you’ll need the following parameters:

  • Your weight;
  • A standard quantity of calories lost per hour in the course of your workout as shown on your display. See the following details to get more information about where to find all this on the display;
  • The training period;

Rower Display Providing the Exact Calorie Statistics

You rower display will let you determine how many calories are lost while you are rowing. But this is only approximate statistics, and the user manual says that this number needs to only be used for comparison of your training sessions.

The cost of a rower determines how good the monitor and calculator function will be. For instance, the Model D and E displays do a really good job when calculating the calorie amount that you’ve lost.

Some rowers have displays that may overestimate the real number of calories by more than 40%. That’s the key reason why I write in my previous articles that a rower is able to help you lose around a thousand calories per hour. This is done for the purpose of making a rough comparison of different versions of rower displays.

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