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Many people avoid using rowers at the sports facilities as they are not sure of how they should use such devices or how to derive the greatest benefit of their workout. Some of you probably think that rowers are suitable for the upper body only but leave your doubts aside as your legs also work hard in the process of rowing.

The major point here is to understand how you should move and what postures you go through when rowing. If you have not been properly instructed on how to do it, it will make your workout inefficient and increase the probability of getting injured.

Rowing Movements

The Catch. It is the initial point where you’ll be sitting straight on the rowing device keeping the arms straight and the back upright, while legs should be relaxed. In this posture, you will use the lats to lower the shoulders and keep the core upright. This will not let your lower back get injured. 

The Drive. This posture lets you maintain a good order while moving. You start the Drive when you push with your legs while your core should remain contracted and straight. You’ll be keeping your legs straight, and you’ll need to lean backward to around 45 degrees while hinging at your hips. The last motion starts from the arms when you pull the grip handle closer to the body, around several inches above the middle of your belly.

The Finish. To complete this movement, you need to perform the same motion but vice versa. You should spread out your arms, bring your hips forward, keep the body straight above your legs and after that, bend your legs in order to return to the Catch posture once again.

Remember it like legs, hips, torso, and arms, and then make these motions once again but vice versa.

Widespread Errors

The most widespread mistakes are the following ones:

Not to use the core when doing the Drive. Prior to pushing back with the legs, you need to be sure that the core is also involved. If not, you’ll be doing this motion with your hips, not legs.

To make the back rounded. One more problem is rounding your back and leaning forward, which will put greater pressure on the shoulders and back.

To bend your legs prior to doing the Finish. If you maintain relevant order of the Finish which involves arms, hips, body, and knees, you’ll easily keep up with a good rhythm. If you bend your legs instead, the proper timing and effectiveness will not be achieved.

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