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Concept 2 is introducing a stationary bike game, though not a new stationary bike.

The fitness company, which is based in Vermont, is known for ubiquitous indoor rowing machines. Once you have spent some time in one of the functional fitness gyms, you are likely to break the sweat on one of them.

They are widely popular for the ski erg machines they manufacture. The tool provides a high-intensity, low-impact workout, which helps train diverse body muscles, especially triceps, abdominals, lats, pecs and other muscle groups that are usually neglected by cardio machines.
Today people can enjoy the latest creation of Concept 2 – the Bike Erg. The main difference it has, if compared to other exercise bikes, is its resistance, which is generated from the flywheel.

We had an opportunity to interview Alexis at Concept 2 and get the answers to a few of our questions.

BarBend: What’s different between a bike for spinning and the BikeErg?

Concept2: The main feature of the bike is air resistance used. Therefore, if you push harder on the flywheel, you advance the cadence and the effort necessary for the maintenance of the increases. The harder you pedal, the faster you go.

Besides, the flywheel has a function similar to the bicycle’s changing gears – it is not supposed to be a spin bike. It is equipped with dampers, which allow seeing the RPM or cadence for your effort and power. Moreover, it has a clutch, which allows it to flywheel, similar to the real bike. It weighs just 58 pounds, so it is rather light.

What about the performance monitor, which is attached to it? What information does it show?

It is the usual PM5 that we have in all our rowers and the SkiErg, which helps you track the intensity, distance, and effort per 500 meters.
The BikeErg will cost $990, and you will have to pay extra $50 for shipping. Currently, it is available for pre-order, since its sale starts from August, 14. It will be shipped anywhere within the United States (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska) and to military bases worldwide. Next year we will introduce international shipping.

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