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You will not believe me, but I am ready to suggest Concept 2 rowing machine to as many people as I know and can get you listen to me. The machine is doing a great job and it is changing people’s lives. Rower suits not only professional sportsmen but usual people, like me and you.
Sam Lowery

The Dynamic is the exclusive tool that makes you feel how the boat moves. Since the machine does not have a draw from the chain on the regular models, you need to create a momentum and flow to the stroke, like rowing a single. There is not much elasticity in the rower, but you need to keep your hands motive, similar to usual rowing on water. Besides, you will need a hang to have natural body open during the stoke and drive your legs. Constant rhythm is the key to sustained, efficient and proper training pace.
Eric Bauman

No muscle groups are neglected during the training. Total choice workout. Only with Dynamic Rower, I managed to experience the workout I have been looking for, though could never find. So, a lifetime fan is nowhere.
Dan Flook

I love the feeling I have after the rowing training. It is the top total body workout possible: core, legs, arms, and everything.
Jason leer

I want to thank the company for exclusive equipment, which helped me become a “medical miracle”, as my orthopedic surgeon tells. It is his first professional experience of the patient recuperating so fast from total knee replacement. I could forget about crutches right after 2 days of the surgery, drive the car within 10 days and stop the pain drugs within 2 weeks. Over 6 weeks have already passed, I am still not perfect, but I am on my way.
Amy Watson

I am convinced that it is an exclusive machine. It is very simple and familiar. It is equipped with a monitor like we wanted, so we can get the necessary information. I am extremely excited to have such a rower and will use it much. Thank you, Concept 2, for producing such a quality dynamic erg.
Bryan Rygs

I can’t help but thank you for such a great product you have invented. Your rowing machine is the best piece of all the gym equipment available on the market. I will keep working to use your erg and achieve the best results.

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